Daniel Mirchev is a Bulgarian sculptor based in Sofia who mainly works in wood and mixed media.

Mirchev graduated in Wood Carving at the Applied Arts College Dimitar Dobrovich in Sliven, Bulgaria, where he got his artist name Duna. His artistic career as a sculptor started in 1989 as he took part in the Annual National Exhibition of Applied Arts in Bulgaria. Since then, he has been working as a sculptor and professional artist. Daniel is a member of the National Association of the Bulgarian Professional Artists. He is an associate member of the art group Nine, consisting of sculptors dedicated to wood. Being an independent artist, over the years he has also played an important role in graphic design projects, as well as set designing for movies, TV shows and commercials.


Mirchev has had several solo shows and has participated in numerous group exhibitions as well as woodcarving symposiums. His sculptures and art installations have been treasured by a highly international audience, and they are currently part of private collections in Belgium, teh UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and the United States.


Mirchev is officially represented  by Macadam Gallery in Europe.





June 2024 "Something in the Air" / Solo exhibition, Macadam Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

May 2024 "Material Transformations" / Group exhibition, Cube Gallery, London, UK


December 2023 "Art Miami" / Art Miami Art Fair, Cube Gallery, United States

September 2023 "Beaneath the Bark / Group exhibition, Cube Gallery, London, UK


October 2022 "Zoom in Zoom Out" / Solo exhibition, Macadam Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

September 2022 “Capacity of line” / Group exhibition, Vijion Art Gallery, Pontives, Itally
July 2022 “Unreal world” / Group exhibition of wood sculpting, “Ilia Beshkov” gallery, Pleven, Bulgaria
April 2022 “UNEARTHLY” / Collective exhibition, Macadam gallery, Brussels, Belgium


December 2021 “BLUR” / Solo exhibition, Credo Bonum gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
October 2021 “Myths and legends – 40 years later” / Collective exhibition of the Professional Association of Bulgarian Artists, Woodcarving section, National gallery “Shipka 6”, Sofia, Bulgaria
September 2021 “Inside – out” / Solo exhibition during National Autumn Exhibitions “Thresholds and Scars”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


July 2020 “Perspectives” / Collective exhibition of Art group “NINE” in cooperation with the Professional Association of Bulgarian Artists, National gallery “Shipka 6”, Sofia, Bulgaria


October 2019 „Representative exhibition” / Port Prim Art Festival, Bourgas, Bulgaria – curatorial exhibition of 5 selected artists
August 2019 “Forms” / Gabensky gallery, group wood sculpture exhibition, Tryavna, Bulgaria
April 2019 “Wood Sculpture Forum” – Bulgarian Association of Professional Artists, Woodcarving and Sculpture exhibition, State National gallery “Shipka-6”, Sofia, Bulgaria
March 2019 Group show in Macadam gallery, Brussels, Belgium
February 2019 “Walking the city” / Curatorial exhibition, The Red Dot gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria


November 2018 “Architec-tonic” – special guest to Obetre Exhibition – Macadam gallery, Brussels, Belgium
October 2018 “Brittle destruction of materials” Anniversary Exhibition of the Prominent Artists of the Sofia Gallery “The Red Dot Depot”, Sofia, Bulgaria
July 2018 Summer Group Show – XIN Art Gallery, Ars-en-Ré, France


December 2017 – January 2018 Collective exhibition of Art Union of Bulgarian Artists “Woodcarving”, Sofia, Bulgaria
August 2017 “Forms” – Gabensky gallery, group wood sculpture exhibition, Tryavna, Bulgaria


May – September 2016 Human Rights Diversity Exhibition curated by Roberto Ronka, Trento, Italy


May 2015 “Mediteraneo” – Solo exhibition in The Red Dot gallery, Sofia Bulgaria