Sylvain Patte was born in 1977 in Belgium

 He studied ornamental sculpture, then explored dance and design, constantly searching for the beauty and balance of movements.

In 2007, he discovered stone and decided to concentrate mainly on stone sculpture.

He is currently working on projects to beautify public places and restore heritage. His work is born from an observation of nature, contemporary architecture, and the relationships of force and proportions naturally present on earth and in the universe. Sometimes inspired by paper folding techniques or flexible materials, his work is dominated by lines, straight or curved, with superpositions of simple elements in a complex arrangement. Sylvain Patte likes to give the stone an improbable, often paradoxical shape, and give it the impression of malleability or impossible balance.

He has participated in 7 international symposia, and his sculptures can be appreciated in several cities in his country and in France.