Behind the scenes of Åsa Johansson's next solo exhibition VERNUS 1260°

May 28, 2024
Inside Swedish artist Åsa Johansson's studio.
Åsa Johansson examines the basic geometric shapes in the ceramic process. She is working with casting techniques and exploring the primary forms, challenging the material, and pushing the clay norms to their edge. Despite extreme accuracy throughout the process, she cannot control what happens in the 1260 degree glaze kiln, the sculptures are brought to life and given their own unique expression. Åsa Johansson wants the viewer to feel curiosity, hope, joy and courage when observing and exploring her sculptures. Through a new series of pillar installations, she continues her journey and research throuh geometric and architectural structures.
This spring, Macadam is pleased to reveal her latest creations at her first international solo show: VERNUS 1260°
Videography by Sofia Lewerin